Product features
Professional recording studio standard, create the perfect singing experience.
Integrated tuning panel, simple operation, sensitive adjustment, make music freely to change.
The design and debugging of each function, the combination and operation of each component, are full of our pursuit of the user experience.
Also can retrieve the song by singer, title or favorites, easy and free.
Operating characteristics:
  • 1
    Small space, big market
  • 2
    Clever design, easy installation
  • 3
    Efficient and fragmented operations
  • 4
    Efficient self-service operation
  • 2.43 square meters of ultra-small footprints , the debris space can be operated . Provincial space , efficient and highly profitable .
  • Clever structure designs , easy installation , so that the installation possess more advantages,you can also freely remove and change the operating position .
  • Debris space can be operated , shopping mall , corner and rest area , cinema lounge area , transportation hub waiting area , university Campus entertainment area , fragmented entertainment time place , is the place of operation .

  • 咪哒miniK can provide 24-hour self-service singing services without the need to keep watching. You can have income without leaving the house, and greatly reduce the management cost.
Brand advantage
Innovative technology Innovative technology
Innovative technology
The experience of singing and recording is in the lead The experience of singing and recording is in the lead
The experience of singing and recording is in the lead
High number of users High number of users
High number of users
Leading product technology Leading product technology
Leading product technology
Market leader Market leader
Market leader
Industry leader Industry leader
Industry leader
Innovative technology
Innovative technology
Mida Minik is an innovative product that has been built for three years by EMI technology.
The experience of singing and recording is in the lead
The experience of singing and recording is in the lead
The technical standard of professional recording studio equipment , the design of a whole new high fidelity audio equipment schemes.
High number of users
High number of users
Midda sang strategic cooperation, aggregated the number of 500 million fans, and built a perfect social ecosystem.
Leading product technology
Leading product technology
AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD focuses on music entertainment equipment for more than ten years ,咪哒MINIK and 咪哒KSHOW have received up to 27 patents. It is very strong and reliable.
Market leader
Market leader
All 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government have been registered. More than 300 cities landing layout
Industry leader
Industry leader
咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are in one of the new form of music entertainment machines  which has high-value appearance and high-quality music experience, they are independently developed by GuangzhouAIMYUNION Technology Ltd. 咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are als...

Support system

  • System operation instruction

    Support for video training
    Logistics support
    Advertising support
    Promotional materials support
    Product after-sales suppor

  • Company Service

  • Aimyunion will provide the best service to our dealers.

    Aimyunion is committed to creating a new form of music entertainment ,

    Let every user experiences high quality music entertainment,

    Every dealer can rest assured of trust and win-win cooperation.

    More importantly , Aimyunion will provide our dealers with a lot of marketing support .

    Choose to cooperate with Aimyunion , we will provide our distributors free promotional materials , such as product promotion pages , posters and gifts , in order tocooperate with local market development.

    We can also participate in local large-scale exhibitions of our distributors . At the same time , our company will carry out brand promotion and publicity on the Internet every year to enhance brand awareness and promote dealers to increase market sales .

Intelligent management of APP
  • APP intelligent management, real time mastering of machine equipment
  • Store machine remote control, equipment maintenance more intelligent
  • Remote monitoring camera, easy to see the internal condition of the machine.
  • Equipment revenue query, real-time control
  • Daily push of order information and equipment information
  • Free regulation and charge setting, flexible and convenient
Applicable scene
Success case
Cooperative business enterprise
The brand in the country has more than 1000 domestic cooperative business enterprises throughout the country
to form a powerful brand cooperation and information communication network
radiation influence can cover the mainland, far and overseas

Cooperation Process

  • Customer consultation

    TEL 86-20-37102222

  • Intention to sign

    Financial receipts

  • Warehouse row of single

    Logistics transportation

  • Installation guide

    Operational guidance

Investment cooperation consultation
Please fill in your information in the following table. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Or please kindly call the investment cooperation telephone number: 400-8399-956
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