Mida-mini K all over upgrade
On the basis of the original quality, mini K has
made a comprehensive and subversive upgrading
of products and supporting services. With
professional strength to create a more pure music
enjoyment space, for the national 1 billion 300
million consumer to provide more professional and
high quality music enjoyment experience, to stimulate
the market value of 300 billion of the Chinese music
industry market expansion!
A comprehensive upgrade of AKG fever headphones

Customize excellent high, medium and low triple frequency, high resolution headphones, restore rich voice details.

Closed memory cotton ear muff, ear fit, isolate and eliminate noise, enjoy pure music.

A brief talk on the people's voice

Customized special microphone with excellent quality, super wide frequency response and excellent transient response.

Imported special grade microphone signal line, swiss new TREK Neutric terminal to improve the sound quality, and further improve product reliability.

New auxiliary operation control console

The new auxiliary control console panel is added inside, and the singing control is more convenient.

The combination button can be used to direct voice / hum song.

"Discount" and "continued singing" are more convenient.


Comprehensive upgrading of singing software system to enhance UI visual experience;

Select music tracks, edit and store in real time, keep up with the trend.

Comprehensive upgrading and strengthening of hardware

The outer shell organic glass ensures the visual noise.

Ground plate reinforcement, effectively avoid noise caused by resonance.

Optimization and upgrading of kernel independent transformer

The customized transformer group with special iron core and high purity oxygen free copper wire is selected.

The independent transformer chassis for HI-END technique is adopted to provide stable and high quality K-song experience and music appreciation experience.

Import fever grade wire to create the extreme singing experience

We will use the Japanese Canadian anti American brand line to create a recording environment at the recording studio level.

The density of copper net is more than 94%, improving the sound quality and raising the level of recording.

Business characteristics
  • 1
    Small space and big market
    Open the new age of the Nuggets
  • 2
    Full service self-service
    Easy management
  • 3
    Interconnected platform management
    Real time control of revenue
  • 4
    Efficient and fragmented management
    24 hours is wonderful
  • 2.43m super small area, fragmentation space can be operated to maximize profits, more dismantling and free change of business location.
  • Middie Minik self entertainment entertainment song, without the need for personnel to keep watch at all times, can sit on its earnings without leaving home.
  • IMDA Minik set up an independent background management system. Merchants can query revenue at any time and anywhere through APP.
  • It can be placed in the corner of the mall, the rest area, and so on. When the users are shopping, dining and waiting for a meal, they can enjoy music and entertainment whenever and wherever they are.
Applicable scene
Six features of the product
Top studio experience, extreme music enjoyment
Comprehensive upgrading of hardware and software, suitable for multi scene business
The design of human nature is harmonious, and music is pure and intoxicated.
Diversified selection of songs to make music more convenient
The massive high definition repertoire, sing every day
Innovation of the 6 major models, more music surprises
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