The world is very beautiful. we walk too fast to have time to enjoy listening.

The world is noisy, we all accept it,but we are too busy to filter it.

We are eager to have a place and time that can slow down and hide at one time.

So through spending3 years researching and developing 咪哒minik------A karaoke theme of the music entertainment machine in this age of internet.

  • Taking headphones as the core experience

  • Singing and music trainingoffline as basic function.
    Retrieve the song by singer, title orfavorites and so on, really a convenientinteraction experience.

  • Choosing songs from a variety of ways, including singer, title of song,favorites and so on, which is really a convenient interaction experience.

Walking into the 咪哒唱吧, we can release the senses, touch, embrace, and feel each living voice. More importantly, our voices can be heard.

It is not only beautiful but also an attitude.

Full glass house exterior design , retro pyrotechnic tungsten lamps installed at the top of the house, dark-green and brown color to match with the overall style, every design is considered carefully over and over again, what we are pursuing is an American casual modern style that makes you moved.

HIFI level configuration
Restore the truth of music

In order to provide groundbreaking sound quality, we adopted the technical standard of professional studio equipment and designed a brand-new whole set of high fidelity audio equipment program.
Strict selection of HIFI level sound card, to ensure that the performance of the amp and the speaker to achieve the international average.
Headsets and professional microphones are used for making the process of  listening and singing go well. A little more strict requirement,can bring a little more shock to you

  • SNR(dB)
    SNR(dB) | The higher the value, the better the quality.

  • THD D@1KHz,-1dBFs,20-20KHz Filter(dB)
    THD D@1KHz,-1dBFs,20-20KHz Filter(dB) | The higher the value, the better the quality


Excellent detail achievesperfect singing and listening experience effort.

We have been thinking twice about the factors that might affect the user's experience of singing and listening. The design and debugging of each function, the combination and operation of each component, are full of our pursuit of the user experience.

Double screen visual impact
Smooth touch operation, simple style interactive design, imminent, and you can quickly get started.
Integral tuning board
The rotary tuning knob, the visible volume bar can be manipulated indirectly and adjusted flexiblyso that the sound is more in tune with your heart.
50°tilt reflector
Accurately reflect the sound, so that makes the microphone collection sounds more concentrated.
Circulating air system
It adopts the form of front and rear distribution, air inlet and outlet air separation, and completes the air duct bending and sound insulation design to guarantee the user comfort experience. 
A little more consideration, a little more comfort
Humanity and thoughtfulness allow you to instantly relax tension and exhaustion.
This is a place where you can sing freely and relax leisurely.
  • Two high-handed round tables provide space for placement.

  • Top design forms, air circulation system

  • 2.25 square meters can meet with 2 users using at the same time

Site demand
length 1.56 m * width 1.56 m * height 2.77 m
single unit area: 2.43 m
machine power: 1500W / 2 (including air conditioning)
Hardware requirements
A, 220V power supply,
B, networking network, Internet speed guarantee 4M or more;
(must cable, not WiFi)
Innovation of the 6 major models, more music surprises
  • Dual mode marketing

  • Fast mobile payment

  • WeChat logged in

  • Recordings are easy to take away

  • Multi meal consumption

  • Work can be shared

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