Taking headphones as the core experience
Singing and music training offline as basic function. Retrieve the song by singer, title or favorites and so on, really a convenient interaction experience.
Choosing songs from a variety of ways, including singer, title of song,favorites and so on, which is really a convenient interaction experience.
Breakthrough design
refreshes the mini K vision and experience
Fashionable appearance attract people at first sight
Cool appearance with red and white color matched perfectly , bring a more engrossing  experience in brilliant new way. Fully enclosed private space, let people feeling more freedom , unfettered ,immersive and lingering.

Thoughtful mobile phone holder and intimate lightsmake people self-photo and live broadcasting more freely.

Humanized phone holder and fill flash design, bring self-photo and live broadcast favorites with sweet assists and inexhaustiblemusic sharing fun.
Professional recording studio standard, create the perfect singing experience.
Adopt professional recording studio equipment as technical standard , design high fidelity audio equipment schemes, some hardware exceed international level, with headset and professional microphone, to produce a amazing high quality karaoke experience, 咪哒KSHOW bring a shocked singing experience as well as its visual effects .
Innovative and humanized design makes it more comfortable to enjoy music
Integrated tuning panel, simple operation, sensitive adjustment, make music freely to change.

Adjust the air speed with the key, to ensure air is pure and fresh, and make you more refreshed when singing.

Demand songs by a voice key, faster , and more fun . 
Also can retrieve the song by singer, title or favorites, easy and free.

4 bright points to create Internet fragmentation time gold suction weapon
Small space, big market
2.43 square meters of ultra-small footprints , the debris space can be operated . Provincial space , efficient and highly profitable .
Clever design, easy installation
Clever structure designs , easy installation , so that the installation possess more advantages,you can also freely remove and change the operating position .
Efficient and fragmented operations
Debris space can be operated , shopping mall , corner and rest area , cinema lounge area , transportation hub waiting area , university Campus entertainment area , fragmented entertainment time place , is the place of operation .
Efficient self-service operation
咪哒Kshow can provide 24-hour self-service singing services without the need to keep watching. You can have income without leaving the house, and greatly reduce the management cost.
More pleasant surprises, a wonderful entertainment world at hand.
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High quality professional recording
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Fast mobile payment
Immediate sharing of works
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