Micda Mini K has a fan effect to play the business circle

Mini K, Amy science and technology independent research and development of the new generation of music entertainment products, mini KTV original brand, singing, singing, recording songs, Internet sharing, music social sharing and other multiple functions in one. Three years since the entry of the market, hundreds of millions of rings have been made.

In 2017, Emmy Technologies vigorously developed the mini-K industry ecology, focusing on the operation of the user market development, so far has integrated hundreds of millions of user resources. Mida Mini K has formed the normal operation resources and mode of music events. On the isomorphic line, it is to publicize and popularize the diversion, and the fixed point commercial city under the joint line holds the ground activities, and introduces the vermicelli resources of unlimited value into the offline commercial body, and creates a strong fan economy, detonating the business circle's popularity, and pulling the shopping mall to consume.

Experiential entertainment detonating commercial value
Strategic cooperation, many national heavyweight events, without strength and popularity.
Join hands to organize the national music competition for campus music.
Participate in the recording of the CCTV10 Spring Festival special program "my 2016".
In partnership with "hip-hop in China", the youngest, most intense and individual hip hop music show in the summer of 2017 was created to promote the Chinese hip hop music culture.
Become the official partner of Super Girls, leading the election under the Changsha line.
Become the official partner of Hunan satellite TV. 2017 "happy male voice" participating in the election of Changsha singing District line.
Full range of resources and services to support the business community surging.
High quality business circle landing activities, create the "double 11 Carnival" under the line of business circle.
Customized brand cooperation activities: k song interactive competition, music red man performance and other landing activities. The fans on the diversion line, detonating the passenger flow.
Stereoscopic bombing of high-density media: the whole network is exposed to hundreds of millions of voices.
Users of APP gather online to fully publicize and convert fixed points.
The new media resources of red people cover hundreds of KOL and large V resources.
Singing, Youku, potatoes, Tencent and other domestic super large live streaming platform broadcast live;
Mango TV, today's headlines and other heavyweight media throughout the diversion and promotion;
Hundreds of mainstream Internet media and traditional media guide and promote the whole process.
0 Threshold recruitment of Mickey miniK
Looking forward to the cooperation of business and property parties!
It must be a legal entity that can independently assume corresponding responsibilities.
Can actively cooperate with the promotion and promotion of sports events, activities and advertising resources and online self media can cooperate with the spread;
It can provide venues suitable for fans meeting and event activities.
Convenient transportation and mature business circle, preferably located in the city business district or CBD;
During promotional activities, promotional materials will be placed at the entrance of the pedestrian flow. The important LED screens of the mall can be used for promotional activities.
It has certain operation ability of event activities, and can provide necessary support for personnel, equipment and other activities.
To be able to cooperate for a long time.
Partners' Rights & returns
The biggest brand shows:
LOGO can be found in all promotional materials and activities.
Detonating the stream of people, incremental consumption:
Fans such as karaoke, music, red man show and so on.
Maximizing the aggregation of fans:
Through the mini K management platform, it can reach hundreds of millions of users nationwide.
Provide free media publicity:
The continuing stereoscopic event publicity of the national mainstream media
Preferential naming rights:
Provide concessionary activities for the property owners and customers in the same field.
Priority right of naming:
Co operators enjoy the priority naming right of active events
Cultivate high viscosity group:
Organize regular events to enhance the interaction between mall and consumers.
Travel Brochure:
We can use event related image data (without copyright disputes) as an enterprise's own publicity purposes.
Business cooperative mailbox:bd@meda.cc
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