FOSHAN LEYE MUSIC EQUIPMENT CO.LTD was founded July 13rd,2016, which is wholly-owned subsidiaries of AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD, and is a real internet plus company that takes advantage of past entities, combines mobile internet technology, creates a new fragmentation of consumption patterns, as well as specializes in research and development and production of music equipment. In order to adapt to the changes of industry and economic environment, the company set a strategy for focusing on the music industry: Taking good advantage of the past solid foundation, projecting to  make mini self-service karaoke and convenient recording studio products. Taking good advantage of mobile internet technology, developing the industrial internet model of music industrial entity internet. Planning the four-step strategic development route of equipment, user, platform and ecosystem, creating China's new music industrial ecological platform, in order to flourish china's music industry, inspire music creativity, enrich cultural market, strengthen national cultural influence, devoting our power.


The company has a registered capital of five million, with two production plants that a total area of 20,000 square meters, importing multiple large-scale automatic production equipment, being committed to solving and realizing high efficiency and high quality and low cost full automatic production. More than 200 employees of the company grew up with the company with the value of innovation, high efficiency, responsibility and win-win. We pay much attention to the creativity of our employees, provide each employee with chances for development, respect value of each employee , are willing to share the achievement with employees, unity and mutual assistance, mutual improvement.


The management workshop of the company is divided into 4 parts: carpentry workshop and electronic workshop, Material control and worksheet statistics that is ERP system which can support the workshop working. The monthly production capacity has reached 3,000 sets.


There are 87 people in the carpentry workshop which is equipped with six CNC equipment. In addition, double end edge sealing machine, single-end edge sealing machine, manually edge sealing machine, precision push bench saw, cutting aluminum machine, drilling machines, band tie machine, importing automatic equipment can effectively improve machining precision, high rigidity and high productivity; Having stable processing quality, and the quality of the product is easy to control; Being able to  conduct multi-coordinate linkage, process complex shape          components; high degree of automation can reduce labor intensity. What's more, the company pays attention to environmental construction, inputting cost, the dust collector is collected through the dust removal tower, then unified disposal, let the outlet of the dust in the wind reduce to the allowable emission standard, protect the environment of the factory and ensure the health of employees.There are 78 people in the electronic workshop, which is equipped with three assembly line, two packing line, one 咪哒 aging line, one KS aging line, can complete each post process rapidly, real timely, correctly, efficiently . Production management system monitor every step of workshop assembly entirely, monitor the qualified rate, monitor the actual assembly time of each workstation, each operation step can pinpoint which employee is operating, record the whole production line of the product.Our industry is at the forefront of the world, we have the best team technology and products in the industry, we have the same target, are brave to explore, focus on innovation and excellence. It is oriented to customer demand, even the trend of future, will develop new products that are more advanced and market potential, constantly surpassing ourselves from technology and function.

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